Religious Education Class for 2019-20

Religious education classes for both children and adults are held in the St. Ignatius School Sundays from 9:30-10:30 am, allowing families to conveniently attend together either the 8 am Mass before class or the 11 am Mass after class.

There are currently four levels in our Religious Education Program.

All of the children’s classrooms have dedicated areas for prayer and devotions. Students and teachers will gather at their prayer tables for a time of reflection at the start of each class.

  • Little Lambs: For children in Pre-Kindergarten through First grade. The year will focus on the building blocks of the Catholic faith, developing a prayerful spirit, and encountering Jesus in a Montessori-inspired setting.
  • Sacramental Preparation 1: For all children grades second through sixth. If your child in this age range is in need of sacramental preparation, they will receive it here and will begin preparations to receive their sacraments in the spring of 2021. If your child has already been confirmed, or has already received their first communion, we present this class as a wonderful re-encounter with the sacraments they have already received. We will be using a two year long curriculum entitled “Saints Among Us.”
  • Comprehensive Sacramental Theology: For young adults and older children (seventh grade and up) who are missing sacraments. Similar to Sacramental Preparation 1, we also recommend this class for those children who have completed their sacraments but are not yet able to join in the adult class. This class is also an excellent place for anyone curious about the basic tenets of the Catholic Faith. The class material comes from a multi- media program based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church entitled, “Evangelium.”
  • Adult Continuing Formation:  For adults and confirmed high school students. This class is designed to help parishioners delve deeper into our shared faith and how it should impact our daily lives. Our studies are aided by both video and text curriculum from the Saint Paul Center.


The Church, in her wisdom, recognizes parents as the primary catechists of their children. As such, our classes assume parental support at home, and a review of the material that the children bring home. Parents are strongly encouraged to demonstrate the priority they place on the knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith by attending the Adult Continuing Formation class that runs concurrently to the children’s classes. And it should go without saying that parents must take their children to, and themselves attend, Mass on every Sunday and holyday of obligation.

This year’s classes begin 15 September 2019 and run through 24 May 2020.

There will be NO CLASSES:
1 December [Thanksgiving Break]
22 & 29 December, 5 January  [Christmas Break]
8 & 15 March [Spring Break]
5 & 12 April  [Easter Break]

For more information about how to register your child for classes, please contact the parish office.